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Consulting services are increasingly demanded by companies and institutions that cannot afford or do not want to hire a highly qualified and experienced professional full time.

Instead, it may be preferable to incorporate trusted consultants with such competencies into the board of directors, pay them just for the hours that they spend solving problems or simply asking for another point of view different from company’s day to day. Sometimes having perspective makes a difference. In many cases, we have already faced similar problems to those that arise in your company; we have both success and failure experiences and, sometimes, the latter are even more important.

Consultants and external counselors are independent when making critical decisions, and this is a reason why many companies decide to hire an outsourcing professional. That is precisely one of our virtues: we make correct decisions, at the right time and with the utmost impartiality.

In ImConsulting we offer strategic consulting services, being specialists in Management, Commercialization and Distribution, Marketing, Advertising and Communication.

Ignacio Muñoz - IM consulting
Ignacio Muñoz - IM consulting


We have years of experience in strategic consulting

Ignacio Muñoz, Partner – Director and Founder of IM Consulting, graduated in Business Studies from University of Seville and post graduated from L’ École Superieure de Commerce in Grenoble (France). With more than 20 years of experience in strategic consulting, Ignacio Muñoz has worked in big companies, both national and international.

Alejandro de Castro, Partner – Director of ImConsulting, graduated in Economic and Business Sciences and holds two Postgraduate Degrees: from IESE and ESADE. He has more than 20 years of experience in Food and Beverage sector, acquired in first-level multinational and national companies.

ImConsulting currently provides service to top-tier companies in the areas of distribution, food, advertising, marketing, online marketing, centralized purchases of advertising media, advertising media and commercialization of different kind of products at a national and international level.

Alejandro de Castro - IM consulting



Digital Security

We guarantee in writing to eliminate bad backlinks that appear in the world´s most important search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. With the CJEU law of May 13th, 2014, you are protected. Promised in a contract, link by link… If we don´t do it in the established time limit, you don´t pay.


We have developed products and strategies for both consolidation and launch in sectors as diverse as ice cream, refrigerated desserts, chocolate, dairy products, pork products and prepared sauces, as well as fifth range products…..Royne, Apis, Dhul, Es Paella, Harina Pan.


With great success, we have introduced a multitude of foreign products in the Spanish market, as well as Spanish products in foreign market, developing the commercial and distribution policies for the different channels: Sab Miller, Asahi, Heineken, Coca Cola España.


We are specialists in launching products in the modern food channel and Horeca. We are backed by great success cases like Tampico, Power Horse, Dr Oetker…

Real Estate

For years, our clients from the construction and promoter sector have had a need to differentiate themselves from the existing competition in this sector, so as to make their offer for products and services more visible. We have participated in projects of Renta Libre and VPO, as well as tertiary buildings, mainly office buildings … Vilamar, Rohepi.


We have great experience in the hotel sector, we have fundamentally worked at
National level developing strategies to meet domestic tourism demand…. Hotasa,
Provincial Councils for Inland Tourism development.


We have much experience in the agricultural sector, both in private companies and second-degree cooperatives mainly… Freson de palo and Oleoestepa are some examples.


We have updated the image of companies in the industrial sector, incorporating them into the online universe, as well as developing audiovisual products for presentations and international fairs. Refractarios Alfran, with international presence.


We have extensive experience in Hospital, Health and Pharmaceutical sectors in the field of Marketing and communication … Hospital Fatima, Heath Media, Spanish private Health Alliance.


We have extensive experience in marketing and launching new communication media at regional and national level, Guadalmedia, Canal Sur, La Razón, G + J, 014, El Confidencial, Movistar +, Zosmamedia.


We have taught “in Company” Training Courses for Executives, that is, within the company, integrating ourselves in the Executives’ Department and assuming their day to day functions, while giving theoretical and practical training applied to the company’s specific characteristics.

Does your company need to make the right decisions?


Large companies have grown with us

Large companies have grown with us

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